What is Park to Shop?

Park to Shop is an innovative parking solution which allows customers to park for a maximum period of time when they meet a minimum spend. For example, if you spend £5 in store you can park for up to 3 hours as long as you validate at a parking machine or online at ParktoShop.co.uk before midnight that day.

Put simply, it is designed to help genuine customers find a space when they need one by preventing non-customers from parking.

Each store will have a specific minimum spend and maximum stay, so please see signage for more information.

How do I use Park to Shop?

There are three simple steps when using a site with Park to Shop.

Each store also has a free stay period, where no validation is needed. This ranges from 15 minutes to 60 minutes, every store is different, so we recommend reading the onsite signage for more information.

Is there a deadline to validate my parking?

Yes there is, you need to validate your parking by midnight the same day as your visit. If you visited Monday morning you need to have validated at a machine or at ParkToShop.co.uk by midnight on Monday or your parking voucher will no longer be valid.

Do I have to validate my parking every time I visit?

Yes, each visit needs to be validated either at a machine or at ParkToShop.co.uk

Do I need to use the machines and website?

No, you only need to validate your parking once per visit. This can be done on machines at the store or by using the website ParkToShop.co.uk

Why have I been asked to enter my email address?

This is completely optional and is used solely to send you confirmation of your parking validation.

Where can I find my Voucher Code?

Voucher code is a 11 digit number which can be found underneath the barcode on the parking validation ticket provided by the Store.